Manitoba School Boards Association Pension Plan

All  full-time employees must become a member of the plan after 1 year of  service. During each year of membership you will contribute to the plan a  percentage of your salary. The percentage varies according to your age  at the beginning of the Plan Year (January 1).Your required  contributions will be matched equally by the School Division. At  retirement, your contributions and the Division's contributions plus  investment income will be applied to provide retirement income.

Retirement Counseling
James Ralko
Phone: 204.988.1581
Toll-Free: 1.877.988.1581


Long Term Disability

When  you experience illness or injury on or off the job, the plan is  designed to assist with medical and vocational rehabilitation to ensure  the earliest possible return to maximum functionality.

LTD  benefits start when an absence extends beyond 80 working days and meets  qualifying criteria. The plan provides a monthly disability benefit  based on 80% of pre-disability salary.

It  is the responsibility of the division to notify the Plan if you have  been absent more than 10 consecutive work days due to sick leave. A case  manager will contact you directly. Cost is 2.68% of gross pay.

​​MTS Disability Benefits Plan ........ (204)957-5330


Sun Life Health/Dental Insurance

​​​​This is a mandatory plan for any new members that work 32 hours or more per week.
Members cannot opt out of either portion of the plan.
Members  can opt out of the plan after signing up only if you are enrolled in an  alternate plan yourself or with your spouse. Proof of new plan must be made available.

If you have any questions regarding your plan, call the following:
Customer Care Centre at 1-800-361-6212 (When prompted, enter your Access ID and password)


EFAP (Employee Family Assistance Plan)

 ​Free for all employees and their immediate family members. EFAP offers Individual, Couple and Family Counseling for:  

· Stress
· Depression
· Anxiety
· Grief
· Addictions
· Relationship issues
· Problems at work
· Work/life balance

Contact: 204-945-5786   OR   1-866-669-4916